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     My name is Charles Zulanas IV, a 28-year old and, since May 2015, a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have spent at least 10-30 hours a week for over 2 years compiling many scriptures and experts’ works on the promised and potential benefits of keeping the commandments as a personal project to convince others of the practicality of God’s commandments found in the Bible, and to invite others to come to Christ. After writing several longer versions of the book, I created a summarized version of my book to improve its readability. I, like any other author in general, am definitely both biased and imperfect, and so I encourage any and all skepticism of this work. Because this is my first time writing a book like this, I have wonderful readers - like you - who may be interested in showing me different ways in which the book can be improved. This website is the way to do that. This site has a few pages of note:


     The first page is called Add or Refute. This is the page for anyone who has read the book to provide their constructive feedback. For each commandment, you can add research studies/scripture and/or refute the research studies/scripture in the book. My goal is to present the most accurate scriptural blessings and potential research benefits possible. Being one person, it would take me years to uncover all of the available research studies. It was/is not my intention to compile research studies that speak against the commandments, though they are noted and if an overwhelming number show that the findings of the authors I've cited are wrong, then I will need to make a correction. I need your help to find more and sift out the inaccurate from the accurate! Please, please, please be respectful of other users and empathize with their views before replying to a comment... Harold Koenig and others have written a book on religion with a more holistic view than I called The Handbook on Religion and Health, (his summarized and free version of the book can be found here) which may be of interest to you. Also on this same page are 3 blog posts called How To Submit A Study About Keeping The Commandments, Add A Commandment, and Give Your Testimony. In How To Submit A Study About Keeping The Commandments, I encourage you to run a research study on your own life to quantitatively measure if keeping a commandment brings a desired change in your life (instructions and example within the post). In Add A Commandment, I encourage citing scripture and research on other commandments I have not identified yet. Finally, in Give Your Testimony, you can state your beliefs and why you find them


     Next I have a page called Opposing Forces. This is my current project, and hopefully I can have your help. I will be giving a lot of freedom to have people help me work on this next project of what the Bible refers to as good and what is referred to as evil.


     Thank you so much for your help and support and may God bless you, your homes and your families! Feel free to follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/whyyoushouldkeepthecommandments.


For over 3,000 years, they have been the icons of morality. They have shaped cultures and societies throughout history. Over 4 billion people worldwide have heard them.


Keeping the commandments is not only important for righteous living, but could also help you live 34% happier, perform 42% better at work, be 32% healthier and live at least 4.4 years longer. Citing over 160 research studies and  scriptural references, Why You Should Keep The Commandments identifies the specific benefits of keeping 28 different commandments, including The Ten Commandments, the Law Of Tithing, Missionary Service, as well as commandments specific found in the Bible. Using the King James Version of the Bible, the book defines each commandment, cites blessings promised in scripture, identifies possible benefits found in research studies, and even ties business success to keeping the commandments.

This book, Why You Should Keep The Commandments, can help you identify proof that God exists, strengthen your determination to follow God, and help you to live happier, richer, healthier and longer. (After finishing the book, click here to participate in my research study with a 10-question survey.) You can subscribe to my channel "Keep The Commandments" by clicking here.


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