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Updated: Oct 3, 2020

I have extensively reviewed research studies about keeping the commandments. Studies and citations are included in the book, Why You Should Keep The Commandments. This blog post is a place for readers to submit additional commandments for review.

Submit An Additional Commandment That You Found

When submitting additional commandments, what will be most beneficial for the most people would be if you include the following criteria:

1. Title the commandment (i.e. Thou Shalt Not Kill).

2. Include the scriptural reference(s)

3. Provide a 2 to 3 sentence summary of each research study that supports this commandment.

4. The APA citation and link of each case study you would like to add (preferably from Google Scholar).

4. (Optional) Write your full name and state of residence

I look forward to seeing what other commandments you identify and find beneficial!

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